Mount Kenya

DAY1 .

The clients and the guides, cooks and porters meet at Chogoria villages, and make the necessary preparations for the trip. The group then boards the car /s ,and proceed to the Mt Kenya National Parks gate (Alt. 32950m) The driver thought the rain and the bamboo forest is a beauty to behold with a variety wild game like buffaloes, elephants, antelopes, monkey, cats and birds. Beautiful tree varieties and wild flowers are also to be seen on this ride. On getting to the park gate, the group rests for a while, before putting up camp and eating lunch. The guide may then take on a guided tour of the precincts. A walk to the northern part of the area brings one to a vantage point overlooking a pond where game like to water, and may be in luck to see a variety of a game. Getting back to camp, the group relaxes a while before preparing super, and resting to bed

DAY 2:

The group wakes up at 6.30 am. And takes breakfast. It then brings down the camp, and gets ready to leave for Chogoria Route Road Head(3300m) Before leaving the guides highlights to the group on various hiking ethics: slow and steady way of hiking stay hydrated, warm and well fed minimum impact mode of cooking expedition behavior and leadership The group then sets off following the track down to a stream, and later up a winding track to get to the road- head Before 12.00 noon. The members may then take a rest before putting up camp. An adventure- seeking group may walk down the NITHI FALLS, which slopes down vertically, depicting quite a beautiful scene and volcanic rock formations. The breeze emanating from the falls is quite soothing. The clients may take pictures and take in the captivating beauty of the site be fore going back to camp. One is now free to do their own things awaiting dusk, cook super and go to bed.

DAY 3:

The group members wake up at 5.10 am. And with the guide’s instructions, walk to a point well placed to watch sunrise. The members then eat breakfast ,and bring down camp. Preparations to leave the campsite are done swiftly, such that the group is ready to leave by 8.00 am. Due to the fact that there is no water between here and Minto’s hut. Purifying water before drinking is a precaution to be taken by all clients, to prevent bacteria infections. The group then sets off at a slow pace, as pointed out by the guides. Water breaks are taken occasionally, after 30-45 min. intervals to maintain an appropriate body- fluid balance. A two hike bring the group to a point called view point (Alt.4000m). From here , one can see clearly the main peak the Gorges Valley and Lake Michaelson, not mentioning the tops of mugi Hill and the Giants’ Billiards, and Lake Ellis to the northeast. Here From here one can see clearly the main peaks, the gorges valley and lake Michaelson, not mentioning the tops of Mugi Hill and The Giant Billiards Table, and lake Ellis to the northeast. Here, the group eats a light lunch, and rest a while. One is advised to wear windbreakers from this point on, as winds blow hard, and could make one quite uncomfortable. The climb from this point is rather tasking, and could require some excellent body fitness. The path winds up beautiful landscape and moorland and large boulders, to open onto Hall’s fields. The group gets to Minto’s hut (alt 4300m) which is superbly situated at these fields by 2.30 pm. Water is easily got from the surrounding Hall’s Tarns. The group then puts up camp, eats lunch and the clients can be taken to a rock over hang(THE TEMPLE) ,which overlooks Lake Michaelson some sheer 300m below A stroll with the guide over The Hall’s Fields is also an exciting experience .Getting back to camp, the group members c an rest a while or go to bed.

DAY 4 :

All rise at 6.00 am ,eat breakfast and bring down camp. The guide may then highlight to the group on how this day’s trek is to be done . Departure is at 8.00 am, following the clear path that crosses the HALL’S FIELDS to come to some rock boulders. The group takes a water break and can rest little before going on with the trek. After doing a stretch, the group comes to the start of scree-slope ,which leads up westerly/come to turning to the left. Awater break is to be taken here. There is a steep climb done from here, and this had better be taken cautiously. Walking up the slope could take about 50 minutes, after which the group comes to flat spot just by THE SQUARE TARN( alt. 465m) .The group can take a rest here, while viewing the beauty of the HALL’S FIELDS, THE HANGING TARN, MACKMILAN PEAKS and the eastern slopes of pt. LENANA. A farther 40 minutes walk brings the party to THE TOOTH COL (alt. 4720m). Again the group rest here. HOBLEY VALLEY, THE TWO SISTERS(peaks) ,THE CARR LAKE and TILMAN PEAK can be seen clearly from here. Traversing across the head of The Hobley valley “this can be tricky in misty weather” the group comes to AUSTRIAN HUT(ALT.4790M).The party puts up camp, changes into warm dry –clothes , eats lunch and rest. The guide will then take the clients around the area, going to the scenic LEWIS CAVE and GLACIER pts. .NELION and BATIAN can be seen well from here. LEWIS GLACIER spreads out beautifully to the north. Getting back to camp, the members can relax ,doing their own things till super time. One may get to bed after eating super.

DAY 5:

The group members wake up at 4.30 am. If they are to do the summit before dawn. The clients, the guide and one of the porters leave for pt. LENANA, along the southwest ridge. This is a grueling trek that requires good body physique , the end of which opens to the summit of the third highest peak on the mountain pt. Lenana (alt. 4985m) If doing the summit by day, everyone wakes up at 6.00 am, and eats breakfast. The guide will lead the clients to the summit , to get there after about 50 minutes .The clients may view the lower landscape, take pictures and walk down to meet the others (at Austrian Hut) . The group members may take some more tea to warm up, and then brings down camp. They then will follow the hardily visible track over a rocky stretch to come to a scree slope . This goes down all the way to the head of TELEKI VALLEY. One can however easily pull a muscle walking down this slope, so a slow steady pace is highly recommended. The party now crosses a stream, and does the easy walk to the Rangers Post (alt. 4250m). Here the group settles for the night ,after putting up camp and may be walking the grounds around here.

DAY 6:

All rise at 6.30 am. And takes breakfast. They then proceed to pull down the tents, packing the bags and setting off at around 8.00 am. The group takes he path back to a point below AMERICAN CAMP, where they will turn to come to steep scree- slope, just below THE HUT TARN. Doing the slope will open to a flat plateau, and the group may rest by the hut Tarn (alt. 4490m) .One can clearly see the MIDGET PEAK and pts. JOHN and PIGGOT, not to mention the DIAMOND COULIER and TYNDAL GLACIER that beckon to one on the highs. The group takes a northerly direction, going over boulders bypassing NANYUKI TARN, to the left and going past the EASTERN TERMINAL to the right, and up a slope, to come to a col between ARTHUR’S SEAT and THE WESTERN TERMINAL. Looking down the way they came the party can see the EMERALD TARN quite well. A rest is taken here, after which the group sets off going the scree slope ,to come to HAUSBERG and OBLONG tams. Another water break is to be taken here. The group does another scree slope that brings one to the HAUSBERG COL (alt 4591m). A rest is to be taken here, while viewing the beautiful Hausberg Valley and the western slope to get to Kami Hut ( alt. 4439 m),where they take a rest. One can see Pts. SENDEYO and TERERI to the east and GREGORY GLACIER to the south. The group drops down a faint path to SHIPTON’S CAMP (alt. 4632m). After a rest, the group follows Mackinder’s valley , keeping the main liki stream to the left, bypassing SHIPTON’S CAVES ( good for bivouac),and down to a point where another branches to the right . Avoiding this path ( which is longer , the more scenic), and walking further the down group, now climbs a ridge, on top of which, the party crosses liki North stream.The group rests here, and later on walks down the ridge, and contours down through Moorland , to cross Ontulli stream and walk farther on to join the path from Liki North Hut, where, it rests. The group now walks down easily pats three forks, keeping to the left of each, to come to junction that leads to Old Moses Camp bunkhouses. A ten minute walk gets the group to JUDMIER CAMP(alt 3340m), where they will rest, put up camp and eat lunch. Ever one rests till dusk and eats super then goes to bed.

DAY 7:

All wake up at 6.30 am, eat breakfast and pull down the tents. Departure for the Sirimon gate is at 8.00 am. a walk past heath land and later through a forest (2 hours), brings the party to the gate, where the group will board a pre-arranged car, to Nanyuki town. The group members bid each other bye and clients may go on with their other plans.