The client/s guide and porters meet at Chogoria villages and get ready to leave for the park gate. Preparation here includes shopping (buying all the supplies that the group will require for the trek) and may be getting acquitted to each other. The party then boards a car (4- wheel drive) and departs for the park gate. This drive up beautiful rain forest And later bamboo belt is quite enjoyable a variety of game like elephants, buffaloes, dears, monkeys, leopards and birds are to be seen. The rain forest has a great number of flowers and an assortment of tree types that would appeal to the party. The drive up to the gate takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours depending on the weather. On getting to the gate, the party will rest a little and eat lunch, and then set up their tent/s.after lunch, the guide will take the clients for a walk around the precincts. A walk that is worth taking since there is a lot to be seen around here. Walk to northern side of Mt. Kenya, lodge brings one to a point where one can look down to a watering pond that is a favorite to a variety of game. The Parklands area is also beauty, and appeals to most clients. The party on getting back, to the camp can relax while doing their own things till super time and later go to bed.


The group rise at 6.00 am and eat breakfast. The members then bring down the camp and set off for Chogoria route road head. First walking northwards to come to a trail that veers off the main track to the left. The group will take this and sneak their way through high tussock grass to come to a stream-KANITHI. On crossing it, the party will take water break, while viewing the landscape there is a lot to see here and the party may be in luck to see antelopes, buffaloes, bushbucks, leopards, reedbucks or even elephants. The party set off again facing the direction of the main peaks, and through the faint trails to come to a cider forest. A water break is to be taken here in a natural cool shade that would be good feeling to the clients. The party sets again and a 20 minutes trek brings them to a URMANDI HUT (alt.3000m.) The group takes water break here. In good weather the guides may take the clients down to the cave an experience that could be quite pleasing. Urumandi is a kimeru name, for a point where water flows below a natural bridge. After the adventure, the group sets off again, doing several small up hills and coming to a waterfall –upper nithi Falls. The guide will take the party down a steep gully to the base of the waterfall. The clients may take pictures and view the beauty. Before getting backup. A rest is taken while the guide decides whether to take party to the road or to the Mau Mau caves. The later would be more appealing as the caves are natural, warm and shielded from winds. Water is easily got from the stream. The group rests while setting up camp and later eats lunch. Afterwards one may walk around the area taking care not to stray far off. Most of the group members prefer to pray cards to while away till dusk eat super and retire to bed.


All rises at 6.00 am and eat breakfast. Those interested in watching sunrise, need however to rise earlier say at around 5.30 am .The group members then bring down the tents and get ready to set off. Departure of which is at 7.30 am the party will take the path that it used the previous day. And branch off to take a steep gradient to the left. Leaving the trail to the road head. It will walk to the top of the hill, and walk to the top of the hill and walk on an easy flat stretch to meet the main trail to minto’s hut. A water break is taken here, while the clients take in the beauty of the place. The sharp pointed Mugi Hill, the flat topped Giants’ Billiards Table and Ithangune hills can be seen clearly from this point. After a rest the party sets off following the clearly visible track, adapting a slow steady pace, taking frequent water breaks to get to the view pint by 12.00 pm here the group members will take a lunch break, take a few pictures and drink in the beauty of the place. Lake Ellis can be seen clearly to the northeast. The main peaks are also visible on a clear sky, with lake Mchaelson at the bottom of The Gorges Valley and The Temple hanging above it. The group now sets off facing the general direction of the main peaks first doing a gently slope, and later a long steep climb winding through boulders. This up hill ends abruptly at a flat stretch. One can look down onto lake Michaelson below. And the Mackimilan peaks to the southwest. After a water break, the group follows the now clearer trail. Over a flat stretch. And later down to a stream and cliff. After going over this cliff, the walk is now easier. Doing small up hills to come Minto’s hut (alt. 4297m). The party takes a rest, eats lunch, and sets up camp. Depending on the weather, the guide may take the clients on a guided walk of the area going to The Temple and The Halls Fields, and The Hall’s hut Tarns. The groups members may rest doing their own things till dusk, eat super and go to bed.

DAY 4:

All rise at 6.30 am. And eat breakfast. The group members then bring down the camp and get ready to leave for Austrian Hut. This day’s trek will be shorter than the previous day in that there is a gradual gain in altitude in a short distance about 4 hours trek. The clients are hereby advised to take the climb at a low steady pace, as rushing may cause one to develop high altitude sicknesses. The group starts off following the clearly visible track, cutting through The Hall’s Fields, and crossing some streams to come to section with boulders. The group rests here, while drinking water. The Temple and The Gorges Valley can be seen clearly from here. Spectacular features on the lower eastern parts of the mountain can also be seen. The party moves on facing the main peaks and gets to junction where they take the trail to the left. A water break is to be taken here. This part is harder and practically cuts steeply up the hill. A tasking climb brings the group to flat spot, where the members take a water break. The Tooth can be seen to southwest. After the break, the party now cuts along fairly steep stretch bypassing The Square Tarn on the right and climb over The Tooth Col) alt. 4720m). After a short break on the col, the party descend bit, and traverses to Austrian Hut following the poles positioned along the track. One can get lost here easily on a cloudy weather. The party on getting to Austrian Hut (alt.4790m) sets up camp and eats lunch. After a rest, the guide may take the clients to pt. Lenana (alt.4985m) if weather is good. On getting back to camp, the group members may relax doing their own things till dusk.

DAY 5:

The group wakes up at 6.00 am. and eats breakfast. However those interested in watching sunrise will have to wake up earlier in order to get a top pt. Lenana (alt.4985m) before the sun comes up. The guide will do the timing such that the group is at the summit in good time to watch sunrise. The climb has to be done cautiously taking care not to slip. Many have lost their lives while trying this peak. The walk down can be tricky altogether and needs to be handled with much greater care. On reaching camp, the party may drink some tea to warm up bring down the tent/s. after this the party backpacks and sets off walking over a rocky flat area and comes to the head of the hill overlooking Tereki Valley. The walk down is tricky as one may slip easily on the scree that is ever present here. The party after going down the slope now passes by The Ranger’s Post to the left and later Mackinder’s Camp alt. 4250m) The party walks on down the fairly steep v alley keeping by the river to cross it later and walk along the right side of the valley. A further walk brings the party to lunch point, marked by a large rock. Here the group takes a water break and may eat lunch before setting off. The walk further on gets steeper and boggy. The Vertical Bog begins here, and could prove a bit difficult. The group walks further down and through shrubbery to get to the Police Signal Station (alt. 3150m) bypass it on the right and walk on taking regular water breaks to get to Metrological station (alt. 3050m) by 3.00 pm. After a rest, the party sets up camp and eats lunch. One may relax doing his own things till dusk. When super is eaten and retire to bed or hang on as one can.

DAY 6:

The group wakes up at 6.30 am. eats breakfast and brings down camp. Back packing should not take more than 30 minutes. The group sets off before 8.00 am. Walking through the ram forest, with pat chess of bamboo to be seen here and there. One may be lucky to see the ever –present Sykes monkeys, antelopes, elephants and even leopards. A slow steady mode of walking will get the party at the Naro Moru park gate before 12.00 noon. Here the party rests. One may take a shower in he bathrooms here. Soft drinks are also offered. The group later transfers to a car/s and drive through the villages to get to NaruMoru town. Upon getting here, the party bids each other good-bye. Exchange pleasantries and the clients move on with their other plans. The guide and porter/s board a matatu back to Chogoria.