It was formed 3.5 million years ago, as a result of volcanic action rising to 6699 m at the time of its last eruption. Its highest peak presently stands at 5199 m, a result of glacial erosion, leaving jagged peaks. Mt Kenya stands at the middle of the central highlands of Kenya, and is the second highest in Africa. 

In the following section, you can see a It is a favourite to many climbers/ hikers, with a wide range of climbing routes that are rich in wild game, beautiful rain forests that have an amazing number of indigenous tree variety and bamboo belts that end breathtakingly at the Parklands. Afro alpine moorland starts after the parklands and opens onto scree that ends below the glaciated peaks. Lenana, the third highest peak (4985 m) is the highest peak accessible to hikers, while pts. Nelion and Batian require Skilled mountaineers. 

Chogoria route is the most scenic, giving hiker’s good acclimatization, as it is divided up into stages that can’t be done hastily in a single day.