Tarangire National Park


Tarangire National Park is maybe the less famous park of the Northern circuit itinerary. However, it has a number of large mammals that rivals that of Serengeti. The reason why predators are harder to spot here is that this park is much more densely vegetated than the Serengeti. Tarangire brings many animals (and is at its highest interest) during the dry season, where animals are attracted to the permanent waters of the Tarangire river.


Tarangire is famous for the large elephant herds that gather along the river during the months of the dry season. The park hosts large predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs, golden and black backd jackals, bat eared foxed and spotted hyenas. Regarding birdlife, Tarangire is similar to lake Manyara, having been recorded more than 500 different species. Some of the most prominent would be the bateleur eagle, the fish eagle, the palnut vulture, the saddle-billed and yellow-billed stork, the yellow-necked spurfowl, the orange-bellied parrot, the barefaced go-away bird, the red-fronted barbet, the silverbird and red and yellow barbet, the mouse-coloured pendulin tit and the lovely yellow-collared lovebird.

When to go

Open during the whole year but better during the dry months of July and November, as the concentration of wildlife in the river is at its peak.

What to do

4x4 game safaris.

What we suggest

Tarangire is a very enjoyable park but is over shadowed by the other parks of the Northern Circuit. If you are doing a full North Circuit itinerary, we'd suggest visiting this park, specially during the months of July and October. Otherwise it would probably be more interesting to spend more time in other parks. Tarangire is, however, a great 1 or 2 days safari with a very convenient location for those departing from Arusha.