Mt. Kenya Explorer Safaris is an organisation of mountain professionals who guide people to the mountains in Eastern part of Africa. The leader of the organisation was born and brought up on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. He has real knowledge of the mountains, its best and worst especially when hiking. 


Mr. Jeff Mutembei is a Certified Mountain Operator, Tour Operator and Seasoned Veteran.


Jeff Mutembei, the main man has been trained in all mountain related hazards and is a member of the mountain rescue team.Jeff is the foremost expert on mountain climbing in East Africa and has given more than a thousand tours and treks up mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Elgon and organising excursions in the Maasai Mara, Serengeti and tsavo National parks. Their is no other better climber in the Kenyan Republic who can rival his expertise of more than 30 years. 

Our tour guides and porters are well trained in the use of maps and compasses. well fed, dressed and in excellent gear our tour guides and porters make you experience wilderness in its full splendour. They are natives of the region and thus have the deep understanding of the wildlife and the terrain surrounding terrain. all your luggage will be carried for you so as you can experience the climb without the hectic luggage tugging you behind.


Before embarking on any hike or trek, our head guide ensures the safety of all the climbers embarking on the climb. All the required International standards are adhered to. All climbers must have safety helmets, safety ropes, first aid kits e.t.c. we value the safety of our clients very much and have had a clean safety record. 


Our porters and guides are thorough professionals who excel in their respective fields and in Kenya they are the best you can find.

Before embarking on the mountain climbing, provisions for the climb have to be acquired. This is done by the cooks. In every climbing expedition a cook is designated and he deals in the stocking of provisions for the climb as well as preparing meals while on the trip. This means that our clients enjoy a hassle free trip with everything catered for. All the meals are prepared by the cook.